Welcome to the Parish Communities of Saint Angela and Saint Matthew!

Saint Angela Merici Roman Catholic Church

1548 Blue Hill Avenue

Mattapan, MA 02126




Saturday Vigil

4:00 pm (English)


 7:00 am (Bilingual)
11:00 am (English)
1:30 pm (Haitian Creole)

Weekday Masses

9:00 am
(Bilingual Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Not on Tuesday)

8:30 am-6 pm Friday's
Blessed Sacrament all day on Monday's until 4 pm

Holy Day Masses

9:00 am, others as announced 

Charismatic Renewal Prayers

(Haitian Creole) Tuesday evenings 7:30 pm

Saint Matthew Roman Catholic Church

33 Stanton Street 
Dorchester, MA 02124 


 Sunday Masses

9:30 am (English)
11:30 am (Haitian Creole/French)

Weekday Masses

Monday to Wednesday only at 5:00 pm (Haitian Creole/French, Chapel)

Holy Day Masses

As announced

Food Pantry:

Saturday only from 9:00 am to 12 noon by Sr. Mary Damian Powers, S.M. Sponsored by St. Eulalia in Winchesster

 Charismatic Renewal Prayers:

(Haitian/Creole) Friday evenings at 7:00 pm Sunday evenings at 6:00 pm (Chapel)


Parish Mission Statement


We are a welcoming Roman Catholic community called by God to live out the message of Christ in love and service to all people, through the Sacraments and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Our parish communities are multi ethnic and committed to serving God and others. We welcome sinners and we seek the lost. We strive to be a community of faith, service, and reconciliation, deeply grounded in the commandment of love preached by Jesus Christ. We ask you to join us on this Mission using our gifts, talents, and time to graciously nourish others. 






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